• To understand the implications of the broader concept of The New Talent Equation
  • Gain insights on current developments in talent development
  • Benefit from the expertise of The New Talent Gurus
  • Learn to adopt new HR Talent Strategies to build competitive advantage
  • Chance to broaden your HR networks within the HR Fraternity including decision makers and talents
  • Share best practice approach
  • Shaping future directions
  • Learn about the tools and technology approaches to talent management
  • Expand your perspectives with cutting edge research

The New Talent Equation

Are our traditional models of managing and developing talent sufficient and can the new Talent Equation help build a competitive workforce?

How do we, as leaders, harness the creative capabilities of the workforce and accelerate performance to align with the businesses goals and bottom-line?

As the constant changing state of the economy, organisations struggle to stay alive and thriving during these challenging times. More than ever, businesses are realising the critical value of a more integrated approach to talent development as a means to create a foundation of sustained improvement, change and innovation. Backed by research, searching and developing leadership in talent management proves to be the heart that sustains the organisation’s health. Adding to the mix, with workforce demographics rapidly changing, developing leaders with a diverse range of challenges including the expectations of a multigenerational workforce, can affect the retention of highly-skilled and valued talent. There is a critical need to shift traditional business management to one that meets the competitiveness of today’s new economy.

The conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will offer participants a highly engaging, interactive, and content-driven event around this year’s theme “The New Talent Equation”. Join us we explore the driving forces in human capital to develop leaders and teams for sustained improvement, change and innovation that will enhance your bottom line.