Sugunah Verumandy
Human Resource Director
GE Gas Power Systems-Asia Pacific
  • Human Resource Director
    GE Gas Power Systems-Asia Pacific

Sugunah Verumandy is the Human Resource Director for General Electric, (GE), Power Asia.  She oversees the GE Power Asia overall Human Resource strategy and business requirements to ensure core, common, consistent practices and needed differentiated solutions to drive business growth. Prior to this role, Sugunah was the Corporate Human Resource Director for GE Malaysia and Brunei. She has led various major Human Resource initiatives for her previous Fortune 500 and leading employers such as Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Ericsson Telecommunications.  In all the companies, she has earned various leadership awards and recognition.

A practitioner in the dynamics of human capital, Sugunah enjoys leading human resource strategies that encompasses elements that drives business needs and supports employees’ aspirations and talent growth. She distinguishes herself as someone who enjoys business partnering, facilitating change management programs and conducting employee development programs and is often referred to for employment principles. Her role has brought her to many countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and United States.

Sugunah received a Masters in Human Resource Management from University of Western Sydney, Australia and BSc Hons (Human Development) from University Putra Malaysia. She has two daughters whom she describes as her angels. She also supports the GE Women’s Hub in Malaysia. Her efforts in women initiatives in GE and externally led GE to receive the Prime Minister CSR Award for Empowerment of Women. She sits as Diversity Advocate for Talent Corporation, Malaysia and is the Gold Award recipient of MIHRM Human Resource Leader for the Year 2014. Sugunah also devotes her time in volunteer activities.