Sally Rylatt
B.T&D, M.App.Sc.(Org Dynamics)
Learning and Organisational Development Professional
  • B.T&D, M.App.Sc.(Org Dynamics)
    Learning and Organisational Development Professional

Sally Rylatt’s objective is to enable people to transform their experience of the workplace and realise their full potential.  Engaging with people from diverse industries, geographical locations and cultures; she has enabled individuals, teams and organisations to achieve positive outcomes through increased capability and insight.

Work Experience
In the course of her career as a senior organisational development and learning practitioner, Sally has worked internationally with a variety enterprises.  These include HRD consultancies, her private practice and working in-house with SMEs through to major corporations, in public and private sector organisations.

Sally holds a Master of Applied Science (Organisation Dynamics) from RMIT University in Australia as well as a Bachelor of Training and Development from the University of Melbourne.  She is certified in Assessment and Workplace Training, as an Investor in People Adviser and English Language Teaching Adults.  She is an accredited MBTI and DiSC practitioner.

As a results oriented professional Sally has 22 years’ experience in organisational development and learning.  She has successfully worked in industries sectors such as finance, insurance, FMCG, law, leisure, oil and gas and civil construction in Australia, UK and Asia.  Sally currently works in an organisational development and learning capacity with a prominent social justice organisation in Australia.

Sally’s pragmatic approach enables her to engage with individuals and groups, allowing the ‘below the surface’ issues to be revealed.  She has particular interest in the unconscious dynamics operating in groups.

Outside her professional practice Sally enjoys travelling and immersing herself in cultures that are fundamentally different to her own.