Accreditation _karen

Here is an opportunity to learn the skills needed to engage learners, accelerate learning, increase learner retention, and deliver highly impactful training sessions. You will learn strategies on how to make training FUN, enthusiastic, learner-centered, experiential, and with ensured transfer of learning to make your training more effective.

The SMR accreditation associates you with a select group of exceptional trainers. This workshop designed and developed by Dato’ Dr R. Palan, the author of the highly regarded book: The Magic of Making Training Fun!!®, licenses you to run both SMR’s High Impact Train-The-Trainer and The Magic of Making Training FUN!!® workshops.

Accreditation _subra

The Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) workshop is a comprehensive three days training which enables you to design, develop and implement the competency framework within organisations. This workshop will help you to gain the knowledge and skills to develop customised competency dictionaries for best fit purposes in your organisation.

This ILM accredited workshop qualifies you to join a select group of competency professionals, who are recognized internationally for their expertise.

jayashreAccreditation _e

Here is an opportunity to be developed and accredited as an Organisational Development (OD) specialist – one who can support the growth of individual and
organisational processes, productivity and performance. Successful organisations are those which are able to align individual passion with organisational purpose.

OD is a planned, holistic and integrated approach to improving and sustaining organisational performance. Not just the domain of HR managers, every function has to be involved in OD if the organisation aims to perform to industry standards or better. In recent times, it has become an increasingly important practice in dealing with complex
organisational issues.