Across a breadth of industries and geographies, Alise Cortez, PhD is regarded as an expert in organizational development, complex enterprise strategy implementation, and leadership transformation and development. With her 20+ years of experience in the human resources and consulting fields, clients seek Alise’s experience in transformational consulting and executive coaching to develop potent leaders and accomplish strategic business objectives. In addition to her consulting, Alise has been researching the manner in which people find meaning in their work for more than a decade, beginning with the dissertation she did to complete a PhD in Human Development. She is a sought-after speaker across the globe, has appeared on a variety of radio shows, was recently interviewed on 2nd Act TV, and hosts her own weekly radio show called “Working on Purpose”. Through extensive travel and living abroad in Western Europe and South America, she has also developed deep knowledge and appreciation of several cultures and is conversational in Spanish and Portuguese and enjoys sharing her scholar-practitioner work with professional, academic, and civic groups.

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