AHRDC 2016
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the 15th anniversary of the Asia HRD Congress™Having started the Asia HRD Congress™ in 2002, we are proud to be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Asia HRD Congress™ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is following a very successful event in 2015, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Asia HRD Congress™ started initially as Trainers-Meet-Trainers® (TMT) conference on a complimentary basis. Over the last 30+ years it has grown in popularity and attracted thousands of participants from around the world. In 2002, it expanded in scope and evolved into what we know today as the Asia HRD Congress™. Since then, the event has been rotated around various Asian capitals. The Asia HRD Congress™ aims to attract delegates from all Asian countries making it a congregation of Asian talents; sharing and learning towards advancement in knowledge and skills. The Asia HRD Congress™ has now returned to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 2016 Theme

Talent Development: The New Landscape

Management is often said to both a science and an art. So is Talent Development. Developing Talent is both a science and an art but there is a strong belief among both researchers and practitioners that there is an element of talent development that will always remain an art.
HR practitioners need to be artists.
Programme At A Glance

Day 1: 26th July 2016, Tuesday

HRDcongress Thiagi
Dr. Sivasailam
‘Thiagi’ Thiagarajan

Resident Mad
The Thiagi Group,
Masterclass 1Interactive Learning Strategies
for the New Workforce
HRDcongress Sally
Sally Rylatt
B.T&D, M.App.

Sc.(Org Dynamics)
Learning and
Organisational Development
Masterclass 2A New Cultural Landscape for
Maximising Organisational
HRDcongress David Cory
David Cory, M.A.
Development Consultant
The Emotional
Intelligence Training
Company, Inc. Canada
Masterclass 3Emotional Intelligence for
Leaders in a Competitive

Day 2: 27th July 2016, Wednesday

Introducing 3 new sessions for the first time at the Asia HRD Congress™
Talent Debate
The Talent Equation:
The Great Debate
A Vehicle for New ideas & platform for learning through the synthesis of two opposing views before making an objective decision.It stimulates a thought provoking intellectual discussion
Rapid Fire
Ask the Expert A Question
on Talent and Be Rewarded
The Rapid Fire Session aims to quickly disseminate knowledge on what works for talent development. With multiple questions from different perspectives,an added opportunities to learn from best practices.
Speak Your Mind
Articulate your Thoughts
A good TV advertisement is about 30 seconds long & communicates idea well in that time. The speak your mind sessions aims to create drama & debates which in turn produces an inclusive & vibrant atmosphere whereEveryone can participate & learn about "Talent"

Day 3 - 5: 28th – 30th July 2016

Fast Track Accreditation Workshops
HRDcongress ILM
Accredited by
the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM),
HRDcongress Karen
Karen Ong
Director & Master Trainer
Train the Trainer Academy,
SMR Group, Malaysia
Accreditation Workshop 1Accredited Training
HRDcongress Subra
Executive Director, AEGB
Asia Metropolitan University
Accreditation Workshop 2Accredited Competency
HRDcongress Jayasree
Jayasree Gopalakrishnan
Head of Consulting
SMR Group
Accreditation Workshop 3Accredited Organisational
Development Professional